We are here to stabilize the grid

Power Efficiency Corporation (PEC) is in the business of designing, building, and managing battery energy storage systems (BESS) across the United States, of all types and sizes. Using the latest technology, we will provide solutions that reduce electrical costs for the customer and power generation costs for the utility. Our BESS solutions will be developed primarily in-front of the meter, providing grid balancing services, load shifting, and microgrids for energy security. PEC's business will include owning and operating battery energy storage solutions and facilities. We will also work behind the meter, developing solutions that reduce costs by managing energy consumption, as well as using stored energy to reduce demand on the grid and the cost of energy during peak times. 

PEC will also develop storage solutions for renewable energy projects, which are critical to ensuring that all the energy that is produced is used, even in a surplus, by storing it for later use. This stabilizes the output of energy to the grid. 




Over the past decade the United States has observed significant increase in the use of alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind, in electricity generation. The greater use of renewable energy imposes varied loads on the grid, which causes fluctuations in voltage, current and frequency and, in turn, leads to degraded power quality and can result in large-scale blackouts.

PEC believes there is an opportunity to use battery storage technology to stabilize the grid, and is now working on designing, building, and managing battery energy storage solutions.


PEC will use the latest Lithium-Ion batteries in our BESS to guarantee increased longevity, reduced costs, safety for the environment, and increased stability for our solutions.

PEC's BESS will connect into the grid to store energy and stabilize the grid to ensure maximum reliability and reduced costs.